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The Firebag Original Dufflebag!
Skilfully made from a firefighter coat, this bag is 21''x 14''x13 ''. This bag is idead for travelers, coaches, athletes or amateurs of sustainable and recycled products. Sport teams, this is your chance to detonate and offer a product toughness and inspire the performance of your troops by sticking to the hard reality of firefighters worldwide! BOOM!

Can hold pants with boots, coat, helmet and facial mask! Ideal for firefighter on the move!

21''x14''x13 ''
63 Liters

** All models come with a shoulder strap made of firefighter's suspenders. The basic model comes with Black-Beige (DRD) handles
** The model varies depending on the coats and suspenders in inventory.

Duffle bag ''Original''

Reflective stripes: Yellow
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