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This robust backpack will surely fulfill your expectations like a Grand Slam at the end of the 9th. It’s dimension lets you carry a batters helmet, a pair of spikes, two baseball or softball bats, two gloves, a cap, a raincoat and a bag of your favorite sunflower seeds all the while keeping you seen and safe at your local park. The orange reflective stripes keep you visible while biking or walking on the sidewalk. A useful hook helps you hang your bag on the fence to keep it out of the dirt. In the rain, be left assured your things will stay safe and dry since your bag keeps the same properties as a firefighter coat!

From now on, your grand arrival at the field will be nothing less than SWAG! Be prepared!

Dimensions: 19,5’’ x 8’’ x 14’’

''Heroes Backpack'' MARK Lumber Edition Limitée

Reflective stripes
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