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Firebag's paramedic FRONT LINE will become part of our collective memory while the planet fights against an invisible enemy. On the front lines, lets thank those who demonstrate great courage on a daily basis without really knowing what kind of virus they are facing, OUR PARAMEDICS! Pay tribute to them, while also helping La Maison Vigile, a therapeutic house for people in uniform.

# itsgoingtobeokay!

* Know that the materials used are already a few years old and they have nothing to do with the uniforms that paramedics are currently wearing during the crisis.


In addition to paying homage to Paramedics, for each sale, Firebag will donate $ 2 to La Maison La Vigile .

Our services are particularly intended for people who wear or wore uniforms (peace officers, correctional services officers, veterans, soldiers, paramedics, firefighters, 911 dispatchers) and people who work in aid and care trades (nurses, doctors, psychologists, social workers) as well as members of their families.


To donate without purchasing the item:


14 "length
11 "height
4 "to 8" width

The paramedic FRONT LINE