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The Hockey Firebag '' The Grinder '' symbolizes the player who protects and defends his teammates . He's also a tough, uncompromising player who applies multiple body checks and who scores goals on occasion. Also known as ''enforcer'', or ''tough guy''


The grinders qualifications inspired us to create the most robust hockey bag on the market. Visible exterior with it's reflective stripes, waterproof, anti-biological fluid (when the game is on), anti-cut/tear and customizable. The Interior is made with a robust waterproof material and mesh pockets at the ends. The Grinder drags his bag, no wheels!

*The Firebag inscription not included. You can customize your own inscription in the options!


Are you ready to buy your last hockey bag for life?



20''x 30''x 14 ''


Hockey Firebag ''The Grinder''