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Do you have one or several old bunkers sleeping in your attic?

Do you want to turn them into one of our products and bring them back to life?

It will be an honor for Firebag MTL to select the most significant parts of your combat suit and turn it into a backpack.

We will choose the '' filet mignon '' of your armor to create a unique piece. **A complete bunker suit is necessary (Coat AND Pant)**



Step No.1: Complete the purchase here first Step

No.2: Wash your bunker (our seamstresses work by hand so please do not send us soiled clothes)

Step No.3: Ship your bunker to: 10-11222 Hamon Street, Montreal, Quebec, H3M3A3

Step No.4: We will contact you for details as soon as we receive the package.

Transform your OWN bunker into a BACKPACK

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